Friday, July 3, 2009

Abraham Lincoln

I finally remembered a book I want to recommend. When I was younger I was really awed by Abraham Lincoln. In my 20's I read a Biograph by Carl Sandburg. "Abraham Lincoln, The Prairie Years and The War Years. I can't even begin to tell you how interesting and insightful that was. Sandburg did such a good job researching it, I think he won a pulitzer for it.

Recommended by June Bassett Spencer


  1. From my current reading of the book: as a youth, Abraham Lincoln is described as a hard worker, yet was not necessarily enamored about it. He said his father taught him how to work, but didn't teach him to love it. Abe was a contemplative youth with a very good sense of humor. And Carl Sandburg, the poet, writes about it all in a wonderful way...

  2. I've read several Lincoln books, but not this one. Lincoln did more to destroy the Constitution than probably any other president in history, so I would be interested in the author's perspective.

  3. I'd be interested to learn how Lincoln destroyed the Constitution and the historical context that happened in. I'd be more interested in learning about the man himself rather than the author's perspective of him - although I know that is not easy to do.

    Thanks for your comment - Todd

  4. There's a whole list of things. He declared a war illegally. He suspended the Constitution and habeas corpus. He jailed tens of thousands of people for being critical of the war. He jailed newspaper editors for writing articles critical of the war and he shut down over 300 presses. He jailed ministers for refusing to support the war or pray for his success. He signed a warrant for the arrest of Justice Robert Taney for disagreeing with him. He started inscription of soldiers. He literally assaulted free-market economics. He centralized power through socialization of the railroads and banks. The list goes on and on. For a good read, check out Lew Rockwell's King Lincoln Archives. Most LDS constitutionalists agree that he was probably the worst president in history. I'd be interested in your take on him.